Does your car have trouble selecting the drive, taking reverse, or slip or shutter whilst driving? Then, you may have some problems. We have the latest electronic equipment to scan the vehicle for problems caused by electronic, hydraulic, or mechanical faults.
Today’s vehicles made up of a combination of hydraulic and electronic systems. Transmission problems are often caused by electronic malfunction and sensor failure.

Signs of transmission issues :

  • Liquids Leaking.
  • Burdensome changes between riggings.
  • Trouble getting into gear.
  • A crying, murmuring or even a slight humming sound.
In the event that you are encountering any of these issues in your vehicle please call us at DreamGarage, Transmission Repair Perth Today! +61 459 727 568.

it’s our fundamental to keep your vehicle’s appropriate working conditions whether it’s manual or programmed. We can Perform Service & Repair your Vehicle Directly here in Dream Garage.

We remain dedicated and updated to stay up-to-date on the most modern transmission technology, and we make sure to acquire the gear, knowledge, and skillset required to work at the highest level on your vehicle’s, no matter how technologically advanced.

At our Modern workshop we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help us find the problem quickly. Our experienced mechanics will work and find the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your vehicle.

Dream Garage make sure you have a clean filter and fluid and also look for pending problems with your transmission to address them before you break down on the road.

Our specialties include:

  • Automatic transmission overhauls
  • Exchange transmissions
  •  Repair transmission
  • Transmission servicing (to the Australian Standard)
  • Coolers – supply & install
  • Diagnostic checks/scans
  • Reconditioned torque converters
  • Valve body reconditioning
  • CVT start-up clutch replacement
  • FREE diagnostic road tests and quotes
  • RAA Approved
  • Australia wide guarantee