Regas and Air conditioning repair services in Perth
Regas and Air conditioning repair services in Perth

The refrigerant under pressure because of the compressor, and it sends it to condensing coils. These coils are in front of the radiator. Compressing the gas makes it hot. This added heat in the condenser, and the heat that refrigerant collected in the evaporator is expelled from outside the car to the air that flows across it. To the saturated temperature, when the refrigerant is cooled, the gas back into the liquid because it changes the phase, which gives a lot of heat known as the latent heat of vaporization. Then liquid passes to the evaporator through the expansion valve, the coils in your car lose the pressure, which is added to the compressor. Some of the liquid change into gas, which cools the remaining liquid

Leakage of refrigerant

Leakage of refrigerant
Leakage of refrigerant


Leakage is easy but not easy to fix without pulling things. We have a fluorescent dye, which can be added to check the leakage. If the system leaks a lot and it has no pressure at all, we will find the low side valve to check the PSI level. Venting is illegal. We don’t do venting.

Problems of compressor

car compressor
car compressor


If AC is not working, maybe because of the compressor, and the reason may be a wiring problem, a broken AC switch or bad fuse, or the system could be low on refrigerant. We will check and fix anything.

The things which can go wrong

Broken wires, bad switches, broken fan belts, bad fuses, or seal failure inside the compressor cause AC failure. Our dream garage carefully inspects and replaces the fault.

Note: if you have an older car which uses (CFCs) fluorocarbons, so it is essential to turn on your ac in every week or 5 minutes to stop the air conditioner seal from leaking or dying CFCs.New cars are free from CFCs known as R134a. This is less damaging to the environment.

Dream garage services in Perth

Air conditioner plays a vital role in providing comfort during summer days. Dream garage offers you service repair and maintains all types of air conditioners. A dream garage is a specialist in repairing any air conditioner. For annual services, emergency break down our service team will assist you.

We can help you to keep cool in summer and provide you regas of your aircon and offer you the most reliable Service in Perth.

No matter how hot outside, you will keep comfortable while you are driving; if you want to most experience service in Perth, feel free and contact us.

There is some viral fact in-car air conditioning system. The smell coming from the conditioner builds the bacteria .when the air conditioner is using a lot, it grows the fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms and molds behind the dash panel on the evaporator, which causes odors. Causes flu, headache. This can be solved using an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys bacteria, and your cars will be fresh smelling again.


Waiting in line will waste your time and money gets in touch with the dream garage before the weather cools down. We can provide you excellent services.

  • Condenser replace
  • Repair leak and trace
  • Regas services
  • Replace compressor/repair
  • Climate control system replaces
  • Solve electrical problems
  • A/C pipes and TX valve replaced
  • Cleaning and temperature check
  • Belt tension and adjustment
  • Evacuation and 10 points inspection
  • Check thermostats and operation of the valve.
  • Inspection, leak testing, and much more

If you are not sure that your conditioner needs a service or regas to make sure, give me a call, I will assist you. Manufacturers recommended that your car should have services every two years, which includes replacing the lubricating oil, system leak test. It will save your money and runs longs and give you comfort in hot months.

Feel free and call us 


What is conditioning, regas?

It is the process to remove the old refrigerant gas and add the new one, and your air-con runs cool again.

How much time your car air con need to regassed?

Your car needs to regas in every 1-2 years, and regular maintenance helps you to avoid a potential problem.

How much time aircon regas take?

Nearly 45 minutes of air-con regas take to put new gas for coolness.

Where I found this service?

Dream garage provides you this service and other services according to your need.

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