New Car Servicing

Are you looking for new car servicing in Perth?

For many of us, our cars are our most treasured possessions; essential for a convenient and smooth day-to-day existence. Without cars, many people would be at a total loss; unable to travel to work, take the children to school, visit loved ones, and cram as much into 24 hours as we currently do.
To make sure you get the correct level of care and maintenance for your car at all stages of its life, it’s a good idea to understand the basics of a typical car service; if nothing else, it will give you some peace of mind.
While your vehicle is under warranty, it must be serviced only at any of the manufacturer’s authorised workshops and Dream Garage is one of the authorised service center.

What is a New Car Warranty?

The basic warranty is just one kind of coverage that comes standard on a new car.

A new car comes with a basic or limited warranty, which covers everything except body panels, drive train components and wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, oil filters and wiper blades.

It also comes with a drive train warranty, which covers most of the parts that make the car move, such as the engine, transmission, drive axles and driveshaft. Most carmakers provide roadside assistance and also offer free maintenance for a period of time.

To maintain your new car read below quetionery.

When should you get your first service on a new car?

The first service for a brand-new car is usually scheduled for 12 months or up to a specific mileage (it varies from 10,000 – 15,000 miles) – whichever comes first. This does differ between manufacturers but should be detailed in your vehicle handbook.

Do you need to get your new car serviced by the manufacturer or dealership you got it from?

You might find that the initial service is a requirement of the warranty, but you don’t have to get the car serviced by the manufacturer at the original dealership.

Providing that the independent garage you choose uses parts that have been approved by the manufacturer, and the service occurs within the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, there’s no problem with taking the car somewhere else.



What’s involved in a first service for a new car?

The first service for a brand-new car typically comprises an oil and oil filter change and possibly an air filter change too. As the car is relatively new, it is usually quite a basic procedure and shouldn’t break the bank.


What happens if you don’t get your car serviced?

Your car is a seriously complicated machine which requires respect and attention. Failing to get a regular service can mean that issues won’t be flagged at an early, more easily repairable stage. Instead, they might develop into costly problems that will pose a danger to you and other motorists. What’s more, you could find it difficult to sell your car in the future if you can’t prove you’ve had it regularly maintained. A full-service history is something that all used car buyers will look for.

Do Dream Garage meet the three Warranty Conditions?

Qualified staff

Qualified staff is somebody who is able to perform vehicle overhauling – like a completely prepared repairman. At Dream Garage our completely qualified mechanics are continually keeping their aptitudes sharp through the Dream Garage Auto-tech program – Australia’s driving post-retail supplier of car specialized preparing and data. In this way, not exclusively are we completely qualified – we are additionally totally in the know regarding even the most present day vehicle overhauling procedures.

Maker’s particulars

Dream Garage will consistently support your vehicle to the details spread out by the producer. Our brilliant statement and Auto-tech reference book projects guarantee we approach the most recent administration plans for every single prominent make and models.

Quality parts

The issue here isn’t what brand the parts are – or who made them, it is whether the parts are fit for the reason proposed. On the off chance that a section is non-authentic, however, is completely tradable and meets or surpasses the first hardware determinations, at that point, it is regarded fit or fitting for the reason and it won’t void the maker’s guarantee. As a Dream Garage Authorized administration focus, just utilize top quality parts and greases, for example, Bosch, Monroe, Castrol and obviously Dream Garage. Dream Garage is a piece of the Genuine Parts Company (GPC), the main worldwide provider of car parts and extras.