Often people understand the value of opting for regular logbook service, or trust professionals to deal with the mechanics of a car but not car insurance. The monthly payment of a high amount with no return makes a person frustrated. Especially for those who never had to file a claim and are new owners.

But wait, there’s more  just being a legal requirement. If you’re one of them who think taking your car to regular car servicing is enough, why bother for car insurance, then here is a closer look at the significance of having car insurance.

Car Insurance Pays for The Damages

You never know when your car may get into an accident. And compared to car servicing costs, repairing a damaged car due to an accident can get more expensive than you can imagine. The right insurance, however, saves a person from a huge loss. Assist in dealing with the expensive claims of bodily injury, collision, and liability of the property.

Lessens Your Liabilities

Opting for regular logbook service may not be a legal requirement in Australia, but a CTP insurance (Compulsory Third Party insurance) is certainly a must for every car owner. A CTP insurance simply helps you with reducing your liability if you meet an accident. It will help you with legal ramifications, treatment costs, and legal repercussions of the accident. Either the accident caused by you and covers you or any person driving your car.

Car insurance Covers Your Treatments Costs

Remember, car insurance doesn’t cover regular expenses like car repairing, car maintenance or car servicing. But when you have the right  insurance it certainly pays for your hospitalization and treatment costs. It also covers the medical expenses that otherwise your health insurance won’t cover in case of an auto accident.

Saves You from Hassle

The aftermath of involving in a car accident cannot only be stressful but also time-consuming. Imagine you don’t know about the mechanics of a car, but are told to repair it. Similarly, inaccurate insurance will give you the adverse results of an accident and you’ll be in a mess. But with insurance, you can avoid all that negotiation with the other people involved in the accident. This insurance will help you with and managing the costs of replacing or repairing your damaged vehicle.

Offers You a Peace of Mind

Not opting for regular logbook service can be a stupid decision impacting the flawless performance of your car. But not having insurance is a fatal blunder that can not only cause serious tension but can take a toll on your financial health, even though you’re not responsible for the accident. But with the right insurance, you get financial and legal protection in case someone else hits your car.


Even if you know about the mechanics of a car, if you lack understanding about the need for car insurance, you are yet to understand a lot about cars and how to keep them and yourself protected from sudden accidents. Because, in the end, having car insurance is as imperative for a car owner to ensure financial protection as a regular car servicing is to keep your car in good condition.

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