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General Services

  • Air Conditioning Service - EPA Approved Procedure Including Evacuation and Re-Gas. Circular segment permit # AU42322.
  • Automatic Transmission Service - Incorporates Fluid Change and Filter.
  • Brake Drum Service - Incorporates Machining of Drums and Shoe Replacement.
  • Brake System Flush - Incorporates System Check.
  • Cooling System Service - Incorporates Flush and Cooling System Inhibitor.

  • Disk Brake Service - Incorporates Machining and Disk Pad Replacement Snap here to book a Car Disk Brake Service now Motor Diagnostic Check Utilizations specific output instrument where required.
  • Standard Services - Minor Service and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report Significant Service and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report Log Book Service.
  • Tune Up - Incorporates injector spotless as required and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report.
  • Wheel Alignment - Counting Suspension test report.
  • Other Important Services

    Major Service

    Air Conditioning

    Mechanical Repairs

    Disck Brake Service

    Engine Diagnostics

    Drum Brake Service

    Minor Service

    Wheel Balancing


    Oil/filter change

    Check air filter

    Check all the brake pads

    Log Book Servicing

    Mechanical repairs


    Water pumps


    Drive train and transmission

    Transmission or Gearbox overhauls

    Check CV boot

    Pressure test radiator

    Check all coolant hose and pipes

    Tyre inspection, rotation and wheel balance

    Brake inspection ( wheel removed)

    Check steering rack boot

    Engine flush

    Top up all the fluid battery

    Check vacuum of cabin area

    Tune Upsill

    Check all the fluid

    Check drive belt

    Major or Minor Service



    Timing belts


    Heads or Engine

    Starter motors


    Check engine mounts

    Written safety report

    Brake adjustment

    Brake road testu

    Check tyre pressure

    Road test Vehicle

    Check all the lights

    Test battery

    Fuel filter check