Clutch repair services in Perth

A dream garage is a specialist in repairing and providing services because we have many years of experience making quick general issues like tear and wear. Clutch is an essential part of the driving system because it starts the engine and gearbox and change the gear and also put the car in neutral. This means the clutch has primary factors, and it uses heavily, so you need to replace the clutch when it wears out.

When you need to replace the clutch, it depends on your driving style and your car model. Clutch is the hidden part of the car, and you don’t know which time you need to replace it, so our expert team will tell you to detail your vehicle and time you need to change the parts, etc.

When the clutch goes on the floor, it’s tough to select the gear; because of the clutch’s loss, you experience the loss of acceleration. When you experience any of these problems, the team will repair the fault. You will never experience this problem again.

Clutch problems including

  • Won’t release properly
  • The Clutch doesn’t transfer the power to the wheel and slips or much more.

Services include

  • Kits (light commercial,4WD, passenger)
  • Clutch plates, cylinder, slave cylinder or clutch cables and bearing replacement
  • Flywheel machining &pressure plate. Much more!

You think you are the type of driver who slips the clutch much more, and you will wear out your clutch a lot. You can trust over expertise they will resolve you’re a lot of problems.

Break repair services in Perth

It is one of the vital components for safety, which allows you to stop or slow down the car and avoid accidents. We recommend you do the brake services every six months and always take these services by professional. Our technicians and expert do an inspection of your car breaking system and advice you about the brake repair service. Dream garage repairs your vehicle clutch and brake for safe and quiet driving.

Inspection includes

  • Low brake fluid levels
  • Uneven brake rotors and wear on brake pads

When you are willing to go on a long trip, don’t be worry about service, our dream garage give you a break report also provide you services. When you are going on a long journey, we always recommend checking your brake system must, and we use trusted brands like Alcon, Bendix, etc.

Braking system components, issues, and types.

There are several components of car break like

  • Brake pedal
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake booster
  • Discs & drum
  • Brake caliper
  • Wheel cylinder
  • Brake pads and shoes
  • Hand brake or emergency brake depending on model
  • Brake fluid lines
  • ABS control unit


  • Most car use drum or disc brake in their system
  • Some light cars still use drum brakes on the rear wheel.
  • For safety performance, some vehicles use fitting anti-lock brakes (ABS) and a computer-controlled system.

Issues and warning

  • A spongy brake pedal and squealing brake
  • When you brake, the car pulls on the side.
  • Being hard to press the pedal


Brake services include:

  • Inspection of hydraulic & disc brake service report
  • Repacking of front wheel bearings
  • Shoe replacement & full system inspection
  • Machining of drums & bearing cleaned.
  • Road test vehicle.
  • Inspect disc rotors

Don’t think about what type of vehicle you have, like a large truck or small car; our trusted team of Dream Garage will repair for you.


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