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At DreamGarage Auto Electrical you will be dealing with a fully qualified Auto Electrician who is also a fully qualified air conditioning technician. DreamGarage Auto Electrician delivers a high quality service that is professional and reliable. DreamGarage Auto Electrical is a mobile auto electrical business that services the areas of Cannington.
  • The auto-electrical frameworks of the present vehicles are complicated, and there are a few distinct shortcomings that can be classed as auto-electrical - from a broken power window straight up to motor disappointment.
  • Keep in mind, a considerable lot of the existence sparing advances in the present vehicles, similar to strength controls or electronically monitored slowing mechanisms are constrained by the vehicle's PC, electrical and wiring frameworks, and these frameworks should be normally checked by a pro for shortcomings to guarantee your security out and about. Our Auto circuit repairmen are completely qualified and keep up the most noteworthy quality state-of-the-art information.
  • If you have an Auto Electrical issue in your car, need electrical gear introduced or might simply want to converse with us about your concern please Call Us at Dream Garage +61 459 727 568 today, we will reach you at the earliest opportunity to examine your vehicles needs.
WE are here to help you with your auto electrical problem.

    At Dream Garage our auto-circuit repairmen are completely prepared to perform deal with all the electrical parts of your vehicle and can help analyze, introduce or fix any electrical issues in your vehicle including:

  • Electronic fuel infusion
  • Alternators and Starter Motors
  • Vehicle Batteries
  • Auto electrical flaw determination
  • Power windows
  • Focal locking
  • Air sacks and SRS
  • Vehicle cautions and security
  • Cooling
  • ABS Anti-lock slowing mechanism
  • Electronic tuning
  • New lighting and rewiring
  • Dashboard lights